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Mod Post: NEW THEME!!!

Your new theme has to do with how well you can write characters that already have set personalities. That is not to say you can't alter or expand on the given information, but don't stray to far from what is given.

For example if someone is labeled a jock, you cannot make him suddenly goth for no reason. If your story is about the characters change, then go right ahead, otherwise, no.

Your theme for however long it takes everyone to submit, is to write a short-story or prose.

The catch is you must use the characters and setting that I will provide in this entry.

And here they are...

Alan ---> Orchestra conductor. Very serious about his work. Demands perfection from everyone as well as himself. Flamboyantly gay (Loves to shop, extremely neat, well dressed all the time, etc...)

John ---> Average horny guy. Spends a majority of the day online. A hacker. Likes younger girls.

Ray ---> Tries incredibly hard to be funny, but fails miserably. Mama's boy. Want's a girl, probably will never get one.

Magda ---> Constantly wears clothes that are much too tight. Ugly. Always barefoot, even in winter. Disregards helpful criticism (Continues to think she is good, even when people tell her she it terrible). Thinks she is God's gift to men, and anything else.

* Note: You can add your own characters, but these must play a significant role.

Setting: The story begins at the 8th hole at a Putting Edge: Glow in the Dark Mini Golf...

* Note: Not all characters need to be here now, nor does the story have to take place solely here. Some of it must, but you can create new settings.

There you have it. Now go off and write your story. The owner, the other mod and I will choose which story we like the best and that person will be able to choose the next theme and so on. Please indicate somewhere in your post that the work you are posting is toward the theme. Thank you and good luck!
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