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--==<*The Easy Stuff*>==--

Name: Megan
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: Virginia


Abundance of Sex in the Media:
I've never been a prudish type of person- and let's face it, fifteen year olds really aren't- but I do think that there should be less of it. It's getting to the point where Disney movies seem sexual. There's a time and place for it, like I saw the stage production of "Chicago" the other day. That's supposed to be risque and the audience is mature enough for it. However, television shows that air at eight o'clock at night should probably bit a little bit less vulgar for children. Although I probably wouldn't be too worried about my own children, I suppose I wouldn't want them learning about sadomashochism and stuff and the age of six either.

I'm not that interested in the supernatural, although I was when I was little, because it seems to worry me too much. I do think they do exist, however. I have a feeling I'll get points taken off for not having much of an opinion on ghosts, but they're not something I usually think about.

The Upcoming Election:
I, like many other Americans except for the ones that live in my area it seems, are rooting for Kerry. Not because he's exactly a wonderful politician but because he's not Bush. Bush has fowled up quite a lot over the past four years, hasn't he? Ah, yes. The trend of 2004 has definately been nepotism. You almost have to feel sorry for Kerry, because he comes off as a nice fellow but most people like him because he's the lesser of two evils. I'm sure other liberals will harp on me for not liking Nader (not that I can actually legally vote, mind you) but the way I see it- had Nader not ran in 2000, Gore probably would've gotten their votes and we wouldn't be screwed over like we are now. But maybe that's just me.

For the most part, I'm against it. Maybe because I've been spawned out of a generation hardly fazed by sexual situations and nudity (see "Opinions: Abundance of Sex in the Media") but the whole Janet Jackson Super Bowl "shocker" wasn't a big deal. However, it sent people into a censoring frenzy! Yeah, I've read Fahrenheit 451 and I know how this censorship thing is. In the words of the Clash, "You have the right to free speech/Unless you're actually dumb enough to try it". The government is so highstrung about what people are going to say nowadays- especially artists. Maybe that's why I prefer foreign music, because their censorship seems to be more relaxed (well, I'm not sure on that, but go look up a translation by a band called Dir en grey and if that stuff gets played on Japanese radio...). I think if there's tasteless sexual references, gratuitous nudity or excessive and pointless cursing and it's being played on like, NBC at 9:30, then, yeah, censorship should probably be used.

I was born into a pretty lenient Christian household, so Religion doesn't effect me that much. I consider myself agnostic, because I somewhat have a hard time in believing in a higher power, but I don't deny that there could be one. Not many of my friends are religious, so it isn't much a problem. Sometimes, however, I think some people take their religion too far and have a tendency to be, well... hypocritical. For instance, the Christian protestors against gay marriage or abortion. See, I was told God would love me for whoever I was, but if I'm a dyke, God hates me? Yeah. The Bible also says you shouldn't eat shellfish, so I think next time I see Pat Robertson munching away on some lobster, I'll tell him to see him at the Red Lobster in Hell. Wow. Okay, I'll apologise for going off tangent, but that did bring me to the issue of Televanglists. Wow. The Kings of Hypocrites! However, I do not feel that way about all Christians. I almost admire people who are devoted like that and in the words of a friend, "Real Christians don't hate or act like that". I think that quote sums things up about what I think of Religion... in a somewhat muddled manner (it's summer, my brain doesn't go into 5-point essay format until the seventh ^^).

--==<*Favorites*>==-- (List no more than 5)

Movies: "Kill Bill" (er, both?), "Velvet Goldmine", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Zoolander".
Bands/Artists: Dir en grey, A Fire Inside, David Bowie, the Cure, the Faint, Bright Eyes
Books: Coinlocker Babies Ryu Murakami, the Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chobsky, Fahreneheit 451 Ray Bradbury, In the Miso Soup Ryu Murakami
Comic Book: "Tod Holton, Super Green Beret!"
TV Show: "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "the Daily Show With Jon Stewart", "the Graham Norton Effect"

--==<*Look In The Mirror…*>==--

What is your favorite characteristic about you (physically or otherwise)? I really like my eyes.
Least favorite? My mouth. Not only do I have braces, but a palette expander, and when I expand my mouth, a gap between my two front teeth forms and... yeah. It looks pretty bad. Hopefully all this work will be worth it, but it's not like I open my mouth often anyway.
Which art form most speaks to you? Why? Painting. Although I enjoy writing and music, through painting I feel like I can express myself better.

--==<*Test Your Wits!*>==--
Make up a plot summary for this "novel"...

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys meet up with Dr. E, who asks for their help on the case of his kidnapped daughter. What the kids don't know is, Dr. E actually slips drugs into their food one day
and the three become under his control. Brainwashing them (think "Zoolander"), Dr. E gets the three to burn a local church. After the deed is done, the children realise what has happened. A mysterious
tip tells them Dr. E is not someone they should trust and they leave numerous hints as to what Dr. E has done with his missing daughter and why he wanted the church to be burnt.
(Haha, I am no writer. :/)

The Scenario: Mimi McKay, a cut-throat Hollywood gossip-columnist, is found dead in the water.
The Mystery: Who murdered Mimi, how, and why?

While staying at a beach hotel in exotic New Jersey, Mimi McKay caught an up-and-coming young actor, Jonathan McAllister, in the middle of a heated rendezvous with Geoff Warrings, lead singer for a popular rock band. After taking some photographs with a disposable camera and writing a
two page exposè in Hollywood Snitch magazine, Mimi causes anti-gay backlash against the young stars. Jonanthan- who was currently being potrayed as a lady's man- watched his career fall apart. Angered by Mimi, Geoff hires Niiksura Megumi- a renowned Japanese assassin to do away with Mimi.
Megumi stalks Mimi to her penthouse in L.A., trying to stab her with a machete, but Mimi puts up a fight. Running around her estate to escape the killer, Mimi falls into her 8-foot-deep, in-ground swimming pool and drowns to death. Megumi throws the machete in the water, shrugs her shoulders, and walks away.

Post a piece of your own unique, creative work (a story, poem, picture, etc.). This must be an original work of art!!!


It’s always nice to put a face to a personality. Feel free to post no more than 3 pictures of yourself (this in no way affects our decision)
I decided it'd be fun to mess with the colours. ^^;;

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