hubert cumberdale (digby_bear) wrote in xbohemiandreamx,
hubert cumberdale

Wow, I've only posted one thing here! Yeah, it's pretty impossible, and I feel bac about just posting stuff and never reading or looking at anybody else's work. When I'm home for more than 7 hours every day... :\

But for the first time I've done poetry, I was pretty happy with it.

Inspired by A Crime of Compassion by Barabara Huttmann.

To live or to die?
That is the question.
To let someone die
Because they're sick
Of waiting for death to come.
Is that a crime?
To let someone die
Because they're tired
Of suffering with their illness,
Torturing their weathered bodies.
Is that a crime?
Watch someone in pain live
Five more years
Just because to let him die
Is wrong in the law's eyes,
And you tell me
If that's a crime.

Yeah, um. I'm definitely not a poet. Maybe it was only impressive to me because I never write poetry and I actually came out with something that was legit, but quite bad. And... yeah.
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